• SHY Classes

    SHY Classes

    Hot, warm and not so warm classes to mix and match!

SHY Class Descriptions:

SHY offers different classes with varying levels of heat or no heat. The heat level does not dictate the challenge level in any given class. As always, our teachers offer a variety within the class, will give options and modifications for those newer to yoga or recovering from injury. Each of our teachers bring a different training, yoga philosophy, personality and energy to any given class. Variety is the spice of life! That also proves true for our yoga practice! The more variety of styles and teachers you take, the more your body moves in different ways to open up and become stronger, leaner, more flexible, challenged, balanced and adaptable in Mind, Body and Soul. Enjoy the Journey!!

Classes will be offered in the following fashion Hot(H), Warm(W), Plus(P) if the class has no indication on the schedule it will be 80-85°

H=90-98° W=85-90° Unless otherwise stated class temp will be 80-85° P=learning advanced asana's and variations

Vinyasa Classes

This class incorporates Asanas (yoga postures) from various lineages into a “Vinyasa” (continuous flow) style. It flows from one posture to another in a harmonious manner that creates a meditation in motion.All Vinyasa classes will feel unique to the teachers training's, personalities and Yogic philosophies. Modifications for all levels will be offered in any class. It combines upper body strength, flexibility and a cardio challenge that is fun and rewarding. Each teacher will always have their personal spin and personality added to the class but expect variations of Sun Salutations leading you through standing postures, seated postures and flows.

Power Flow

This class combines the power of vinyasa with the safety of effective alignment to build muscle tone along with flexibility. Using the heat in the room, combined with breath work to light our "inner fire", the muscles open up and help the body's energy to flow continuously. Once body alignment is established and our core body stabilized we will allow the energy we have created in the room and the music to take us deeper into the flow. Using the breath to guide us naturally, we will eventually let go of the mind and trust our bodies to move and flow on our yoga mats. Power Flow is a class that allows you to learn, grow and try things you've never tried before.

Power Hour

This class will lead you through an hour of various asana's (yoga postures) to get the juices flowing. Expect to see a little bit of everything in this hour flow from seated, standing, balancing and floor postures with little seeds of Yoga philosophy sprinkled in. You will still have a mindful rhyme and reason to the peak of the class and consciously bringing you down to deep relaxation. Take an hour out of your crazy day to quiet the mind and strengthen the body. Power hour yoga will get you in & out feeling rejuvenated, awakened, refreshed.

Yin/Vin 6AM

This class is a mixture of postures that target your connective tissues through stretching (yin yoga) and postures that activate and strengthen your muscles (vinyasa). We will start our morning with the yin portion, a passive practice in which poses are held for 3-5 minutes, bringing you inward, starting your morning gently, and giving back strength and energy to your body. We will start with Yin yoga to stimulate fascia and yield the most benefit for connective tissues. We will balance the yin with a yang by incorporating a vinyasa sequence and turning up the heat for the second half of class to awaken, uplift, and strengthen your body and your mind for your day ahead.

Vin/Yin 6PM - 90minutes

This class is a mixture of postures from Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. You will start the first half of class with a typical Vinyasa style flow to work out your day's activities and start to clear and quiet the mind. Then, for the second half of class you will go into the Yin Yoga style to hold postures longer, start to take your practice more inward and allow the deep release of fascia to occur.


What a way to end your day! A class suitable for all levels. Restorative postures revive your vital energy…they have a calming, healing and have a soothing entity. Restorative Yoga is a calm and healing practice where the nervous system is pacified and tonified by holding postures for longer periods with the use of props. Restorative Yoga is ideal for calming the mind, recovering from illness and replenishing your vital energy. You will stay low to the ground with support for centering, releasing and relaxing!

Strength & Stability Flow

Strength & Stability Flow is a powerful vinyasa class created to stretch and strengthen with more focus on isolated core work than the average flow class. This energetic practice incorporates sequences that become familiar to students, but also incorporates variations to modify, intensify, and challenge the body by altering the pace or duration of poses and the frequency that they are repeated.

Hot Yoga Series

In this invigorating class, the room is heated to a warmer temperature to allow a deeper release and to avoid injury. It is designed from the many postures from the hot yoga lineage in Calcutta, India developed by Bishnu Ghosh. In this class, postures are done in a systematic way (particular sequencing will depend on your teacher and students in the class). Rather then moving through all the postures with transitions we will focus more on the balancing, strength and stamina in our standing and floor series.

Your muscles will be stretched and contracted to improve circulation to the joints and body. This series of postures works against gravity to strengthen the bones. The magic of this class is that everyone is practicing the same posture at different levels of ability, receiving the same benefits. There is an exact position for everyone at every level, which our trained instructors will help you find. You will work every muscle, bone, system, and cell of the body BONES TO SKIN! A total body workout that is great for the beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioner. A 75 minute class will go through 2 sets of each posture and a 60 minute class will do one set of each posture.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga Sculpt is a unique combination of yoga and weights. It is designed to increase your lean body mass, strength, and flexibility; which will help you lose weight and sculpt your body.

Yoga Sculpt is a fitness class designed to give you a total body workout! Classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. This class combines a Vinyasa-style yoga flow with weight resistance - offering the zen of a yoga practice AND the burn of a high-intensity fitness class. Classes use body weight resistance, and hand weights to sculpt upper and lower body muscle groups. Classes also incorporate core strengthening and cardio series to get your heart rate and metabolism moving!


The idea of integrating ballet with group fitness was first introduced in 1967 by Lotte Berk, a former ballet dancer and instructor who, after sustaining a back injury, created Barre as a rehabilitative form of exercise to help her recover from her injury and stay in shape. From here the fusion of ballet movements, pilates and yoga have all inspired what we know as a Barre class. This is a fun, fast paced but low impact hour. You will utilize small movements and contractions in repetition to create long and lean muscles, a small contraction of the muscle will make muscle fibers contract rather than expand to create this look. This is a very core-centric work out with emphasis on the bottom, inner and outer thighs and arms, giving us an overall head to toe workout. Barre is a natural compliment to your Yoga practice as it will make you very core conscious which in turn will help you in all aspects of your asana practice. Please bring a yoga mat for this, all other equipment is at the studio, it is suggested to wear a pair of sticky socks. If you don't have sticky socks we sell them at the studio!


HIIT flow is a low impact workout combined with yoga postures, designed to strengthen, tone, and sculpt your entire body. Using the combination of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), core strengthening, and cardio, this class creates long, lean muscle toning while at the same time burning fat and calories. This class is fun and open to all levels!