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Thoughts, Tidbits and Tantalization's!

At SHY we dedicate ourselves to keeping you informed and thinking. We never wish to impose upon you only one thought or idea. As teachers, we too have our own personalities which will shine and impart thoughts and ideas. Most of the time we share from our own personal experience what has worked for us. Maybe this will work for you, maybe not. We always ask you to listen and think for yourself, see if anything resonates with you. See how it feels inside your body, inside your mind. But never let any one of us tell you that it can only be one way or the highway!

There are different thoughts of spirituality, anatomy, teaching philosophies and even music in classes. Keep an open mind whether you are in a class or perusing through this page. See if something resonates with you, feel if something works for you, if not simply smile and move on! It's not always simple to see if something works for us, it usually takes time to see how it feels. It may also change as you evolve. Today is not tomorrow and it is not yesterday. It is just as important to realize that something may not be for you. Trust yourself and your gut instinct.

We will try to give you thoughts, tidbits and tantalization's to keep those juices flowing. Some thoughts will be silly, some may be profound others may be informative. We will never say this is the gospel or the only way, we will simply share with you the many thoughts and the many facets of Yoga - be it physical or spiritual. We do this to keep the conversation flowing and your mind and heart growing.

Keep checking back too see what we have added, this will be an ongoing conversation!

Thought for today...

It is said we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day. Where are your thoughts taking you, shaping you?

Who can resist Yoga and a baby goat...

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